Heather Robb

Heather Robb is a writer, musician and actress.  She plays music with her band, The Spring Standards, as well as solo.  Outside of music, Heather Robb has written for TV, most recently CBS's 'Doubt,' and theater, including a musical collaboration with Darcy Fowler and The Debate Society's Oliver Butler.  As an actress, Heather Robb has appeared in a number of films, including Ti West's 'House of the Devil' and Graham Reznick's 'I Can See You.'  

heather.blueSM copy.jpg

Heather has died in a lot of movies

She has also lent her voice to many ad campaigns.

She received her BFA in Drama from Syracuse University and is a proud company member of the Story Pirates.

If these things pique your interest, resume available upon request.