Heather Robb

Heather Robb is a writer, musician and actress.  She plays music with her band, The Spring Standards, as well as solo.  Outside of music, Heather Robb has written for TV, most recently CBS's 'Doubt,' and theater, including a musical collaboration with Darcy Fowler and The Debate Society's Oliver Butler.  As an actress, Heather Robb has appeared in a number of films, including Ti West's 'House of the Devil' and Graham Reznick's 'I Can See You.'  

Heather has written and developed television at NBC, CBS and Warner Bros, and is currently developing a film with Jersey Pictures. She is also developing a musical with playwright Darcy Fowler and Oliver Butler of the Debate Society.  

She is a fellow of the MacDowell Colony and was an Artist in Residence at The Goodspeed Theatre in East Haddam, CT, TheatreWorks in Palo Alto, CA and Escape to Create in Seaside, FL.

Occasionally, she writes a single panel comic called 'Shapes' featuring a cube and a pyramid.  Available upon request.